Digital Product Design.

Red Airplane Design believes that a user’s experience is the most important of a brand or product. The best products not only provide solutions to problems, but they do so in a way that is streamlined and eliminates frustration. As a solo firm, Red Airplane Design has a wide range of capability and experience, from ideation and research to visual interface design and user testing. We’ve worked on a variety of products including websites, mobile and desktop applications, presentation decks and more. Whether you’re working to improve your existing platforms or looking to build a new product altogether, Red Airplane Design can help your ideas take off!

Consulting and Contracting.

Red Airplane Design works with both UX agencies and individual clients to pursue better experiences for clients and customers. Whether you need a digital product designer for a product your company is creating or improving, or you’re a firm in need of another set of hands on board an existing UX team, Red Airplane Design can help. Consulting and contracting services include: audits (brands, websites, interfaces, products, etc.), User Experience design (strategy, journey mapping, wireframing, etc.), interface design and visual design. Not exactly sure what you need? Drop me a message and let’s chat about your goals. If I’m not the person for the job, I can always point you in the right direction!

What We Do.

These are the things we do and we’re really good at!

User experience design. Mobile application design. Website design. Sketching. Research. Strategy. Product design. Prototyping. Copywriting. WordPress websites. Graphic design (logos, business cards, letterhead, etc). Illustration. Communicate with developers. Listen. Teamwork. Welcome other ideas.

What We Don’t Do.

While we may have basic knowledge of these things, we aren’t experienced in these areas and don’t provide these services. If you’re looking for these kinds of services, feel free to contact us and ask for references! Chances are, we’ve worked with someone we can recommend to help with your project.

Coding. Mobile application development. Website development. Database management. JavaScript. Software development. Computer programming. Marketing. JS Frameworks (Angular, React, Vue.js, Node.js, etc). Salesforce. Motion graphics. Industrial design (physical products). Information Technology (IT). Animation. Photography.

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