A clever and eye-catching logo is one of the first steps in creating a quality brand image. Your business’ logo typically serves to leave someone with a first impression of your company and your brand. As a result, you want to ensure that your logo is recognizable and representative of who you are. Because your logo will be displayed in multiple formats from business cards and stationary to websites and mobile phones, your logo should be simple and legible at a variety of sizes. Red Airplane Design will create a logo for you that accomplishes all of these goals so you can leave a good first impression and then wow your customers with the products and services that make you great.


Branding refers to what people perceive about your company. That’s why it’s important to maintain consistency across all the platforms where people interact with your brand: storefronts, signage, advertising, product packaging, social media, website, customer service… Because these all affect the way people perceive your company, you want the message you tell them to remain consistent. Red Airplane Design can help you consistently and visually communicate the ideas and concepts that already make your company unique.


Red Airplane Design specializes in web design and development from the ground up. All of the websites we build are mobile responsive and search engine-friendly. The process involves starting with sitemaps and mockups and moving forward to online website development.


Once we’ve pinned down your brand message and created guidelines to maintain consistency, it’s time to get creating. Business cards, brochures, trade show banners, letterhead and envelopes, packaging, ads and websites are some of the design services offered by Red Airplane Design.

SEO and Mobile Responsive.

Red Airplane Design delivers quality websites that are mobile responsive and search engine optimized. Because SEO relies heavily on usability and a blend between form and function, building your website with Red Airplane Design is the way to go. By starting with the user and considering your target audience from start to finish, we won’t just target search engines – we’ll target real customers and real leads.

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