Specialized Dental Care.

Heck Family Dentistry is a general and specialized dental practice. While their highly trained dentists can perform many specialized dental procedures without the need to refer patients to a specialist, it is truly their family-centered approach that sets them apart from other dentists.

Usability-focused SEO.

Heck Family Dentistry had a problem. Despite being one of the top providers of general and specialized dental care in the area, searches for local dentists didn’t produce first page results. As a result, the practice wasn’t receiving new patients. I audited their website and online presence to determine factors that could improve their search engine ranking. Specifically, I noted that their website was not mobile responsive and the navigation was difficult to use. (View original website here.) I proposed a better navigational structure and informational hierarchy that would be both user and SEO-friendly. Additionally, I made suggestions for updating their Google listing and social media presence.

An Updated Brand Image.

Heck Family Dentistry was also excited about the opportunity to update the look and feel of their brand. While they wanted to keep the overall aesthetic that matched the professionalism of their practice, they also wanted a fresh and classy update. For their updated logo, I took the parts they loved most about their old logo and renovated it to be more modern and symmetrical. For their brand, I wanted the flow from their digital and printed materials to their offices to be a seamless transition. I drew from the color palette of their newly renovated space and added a splash of bright Kansas sunflower yellow to both brighten the brand and give it local significance.

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