Five Tenets of a Great Brand Experience

These five tenets were developed by asking myself the question, “What affects my loyalty in the marketplace?” In other words, what causes me (and others) to be loyal to a specific product, company or brand?

I determined that I am loyal to brands for five main reasons. Think of a brand you loyally support or a product you loyally purchase and see if you can trace these five tenets through the company’s products and business practices.

  1. I can rely on the quality of the product
    While a product may cost more, if the quality can be depended upon, customers are more likely to purchase and recommend the product. A cheaply made product may draw a crowd, but a well-made product will draw give customers a sense of pride. Customers will return time and time again and positively share your brand with others when they experience a product that is superior to other products on the market.
  2. I support the company’s values
    People support companies that want to make a positive difference in the world and take a stand in some way to make it happen. This doesn’t always involve being involved socially or politically. Often, this can be the product or service the company is offering. Do the products or services improve human experience in any way?
  3. The product is aesthetically appealing
    This is especially true of the millennial generation – a product with aesthetic design will hold more appeal than a mass-produced product limited to its functionality. Unfortunately, aesthetic design can often be a trade-off for quality. The ideal product is a perfect blend of form and function.
  4. The interface is simple and streamlined
    This applies to both the product and the customer’s overall experience with the brand. Whether learning about a company, ordering a product, waiting on the product’s arrival, contacting company support or using the product, the entire process should be simple, streamlined and navigable.
  5. I feel included and important
    When a company includes their customers and ensures that their voices are heard, customers are more likely to interact with the brand. Whether this means engaging on social media or offering other ways for interaction, customers need a humanizing experience.

Consider a brand that you support. For me, Apple immediately comes to mind. Not only can I rely on the quality and innovation of their products, I appreciate their commitment to my personal privacy and security. Their products and interface both look amazing and are simple to navigate and use1. And, although Apple has a reputation for not engaging with customers on social media and other platforms, every experience I’ve had in contacting Apple support has been a good one. While various customers may have different experiences than I do, I would venture a guess that almost anyone who is Apple loyal is appreciative of the same company values that I am.

Whether consciously or not, customers will always be positively or negatively affected by the messages your company overtly or inadvertently communicates. Red Airplane Design was started as a tool to help you get your business where you want to go. I help you develop the tools you need to effectively reach your audience with a positive brand message that exhibits quality, communicates ethical standards, is visually attractive and engages your customers. All of this is accomplished through design thinking from the ground up. It starts with your users and their needs and delivers a quality wholistic brand package that caters directly to them.

To get your brand off the ground and soaring high, contact me today to get started!

1 Most of the time anyway. Just today, I nearly pulled my hair out trying to add an HTML signature to Apple Mail on a client’s iPhone. That process is anything but streamlined. However, that’s why I don’t use Apple Mail.

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